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“More of you.”

“Well? What have you to say for yourselves? Just standing there and staring with that vacant look in your eyes. One of you must have something interesting to say.”

… ah, this one seemed mortal unlike the few others she had met thus far.

circular optics swathed in carmine examined him, a quirk of a brow as heels tapped gently onto the floor. leisurely, as if her bored stroll had taken a small detour in interest from finding a new route. hopefully this route would prove to retain some form of entertainment, lest she decided to dispose of whomever this fellow was.

what do i have to say? are you not the one to initially address me? you have poor mannerisms if you believe a small glance warrants one to speak to you instantaneously.

for now, that would be the most he would get from the extraterrestrial.

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A King is summoned [Intro - Open]


[It was only natural for Gilgamesh to doubt on the woman’s origin since he hadn’t actually seen before anyone who even claimed themselves as such, but her power was intriguing and he couldn’t feel the same presence from her that he felt from other heroic spirits nor from gods so she was neither and even if she did look like humans, she didn’t feel like one.]

Of course! I would be a fool to believe without proofs if that weren’t the case.

[Even if there was no real way for him to ask for proofs of her statement, her next statement made him even more curious. Did she actually clean the earth from humans after his defeat to Saber? If she was really capable of such feat, then she clearly deserved some praise.]

Oho~ Now that is a claim I can’t let slip by. IF this is true, then you have far succeeded my expectations. Yet, as a King, I will have to witness the extent of your power before I am willing to believe in your words.

[For her claims to be true, she must be powerful, she should be at least at his level if she wanted him to believe her words to be true.]

But you speak the truth. There is no greater joy than to crush the delusion of those who think themselves strong. The stronger they think they are, the greater the delight from seeing them in despair as they fall prey to true strength.

[Finally a few guards seemed to start gathering around the pair, Gilgamesh not even paying attention to them since their common weapons posed no threat to him at all and if they dared to approach him as he was enjoying a conversation, they would be welcomed by a rain of weapons.]

… and yet one looks foolish when they are also proven wrong. 

a mere jest at the king, knowing well he was correct in doubting the words of many until it was tested. albeit not dealing with several humans personally lest it was under the guise she had set up pretending to be human for that short, boring year, she had learned they would boast of skills to make themselves look more appealing. it was that attitude that lead to the decision they were to be wiped out — their stupidity, however, was what managed to flat line their only chances to survive.

hearkening of needing approval, the woman merely chuckled. whether you deem it worthy or not, it does not matter. i do not bring destruction for approval of others, i do it for the sake of my own game. 

arrogance was not what she thought of this quip, labeling it more to confidence in her abilities and accomplishments. one did not need the sanction of another to thoroughly enjoy what they created; would that not defeat the purpose of why it was she decimated all that appeared in her path? a mere alien, bent on playing out the very last act until her last breath.

mouth opened to respond only to pause, feeling digits fall onto her shoulders. magenta optics glanced to find sight of one of the guards who had been lingering — shaken, uncertain if he should even approach her.

hmm, vocables escaped lowly, lips pursing as pink scintillation fluttered within her palms. a white and magenta scythe appeared easily enough, the woman turning with chin upturned, back tracking as a mischievous smile tugged across pale lips. i do not care what you deem of this, but it would seem these men have an early death wish; watch if you so desire. 

a sight to see the guards scattering like ants at the imminent danger, eyes narrowing as her stance shifted with a swing back of her scythe. insolence would be repaid in death, fuchsia flames gleaming from the edge of her weapon. and with a simple swing, only the slightest effort put into it, a wave of crimson and white rushed through the streets after the guards — buildings shattered as the screams of children rang short with gargled noises of death, a few women weeping in pain as the lavender sickle leveled the houses.

the guards themselves were not longer but pieces of flesh and liquid scattered amongst the now smoking streets that were once in decent tact.

pity… i was expecting it to demolish a few more buildings than that; it will do for now, however. 

a small pause before eyes returned to the golden ruler. would you like to demonstrate your own abilities? there are a few more people to kill. whether they are guilty of crime does not matter, they will all perish soon, anyway. 

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A King is summoned [Intro - Open]


[Truly, this woman had shown to see a point that Gilgamesh had just been able to see throughout the last war. The humans weren’t interesting anymore, at least not from what he could see, and that had led him to decide they should be wiped out from the earth before he was stopped from it. Gilgamesh was one to always take careful attention to a conversation he started and it had been quite some time since he was able to exchange sound arguments with anyone other than Kirei. However, one thing did caught his interest: the fact that she used the word “planet”.]

Interesting. Are you trying to say that you come from beyond the sky?

[If that statement was true, Gilgamesh felt a newly found desire surge in his mind. If Earth was not enough, there might be some place among the stars worthy of being ruled by him. Truly, the words of this woman proved enticing to his highness and for the first time he seemed to lower his hostility towards her and his tone actually turned into a more relaxed one, perhaps even jester.]

True, humans are weak and puny but their only purpose is to entertain me the King. You must know how utterly amusing is to see them despair and squirm as they try to avoid their impending doom coming after them.

[Most people would find his source of joy to be sick and twisted but perhaps this woman would understand. Judging by her words and demeanor, everything pointed to that and if it proved to be the case, Gilgamesh would review his impression on this woman with such a particular name.]

A pleasant surprise seeing how swiftly he caught on, placing himself further apart from the dull creatures she had grown bored of. Unlike her idle times strolling along the soils of Earth, she had no reason to keep her origins in check here. Playing an encore performance of her humanoid self did not suit to her peculiar tastes of destruction that she wished to set unto this dreary, little city.

Trying? You imply as if I speak lies of my origins. 

Whether or not it was what he wished to intend, it was mere jest that she selected his words as such. Thoughts drifted to his new statement, however, as a few bystanders shuffled passed to avoid any conflict they assumed might arise from the two entities meeting. A click of her heel sounded as arms fell lazily to her sides.

Yet he was accurate on her acceptance of his forms of pleasure. It is, yet when humans repeat the same process of squirming and fleeing it fizzles into nothing but boredom. Their minds have melted scrap over time; it is why their population dwindled to zero when I decided to decimate Earth of their tasteless existence. 

Speaking in such a way, perchance she was a bit too proud of her destruction.

Albeit she had wished they had not made it so easy to hail checkmate.

However, there are always better toys to break if you seek the right places. The stronger the bauble, the greater joy you will receive as you watch it shatter into a million pieces, would you not agree? 

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♕ supernal advent —


[ Etna was still getting to grips with the area around her. It was surprising that this was the human world, it looked more like one of the Innocent Towns in her Netherworld… Letting out a sigh, the demon puffed out her cheeks, placed her hands behind her head and continued to walk forwards aimlessly.

It was annoying. There was no sign of life, no sign of her Prinny Squad and, most importantly, no sign of anything sweet! Being the lazy person she is, the Vassal hated doing work.

Little did she realise that she walked into one of the more dangerously coloured zones; not that she would’ve cared if she had noticed, she could probably kill any of the monsters in this hell hole with merely a snap of her fingers! Unless her summons here dropped her down to level one again like the summons that boy’s mother performed.

Suddenly, there was an unfamiliar shriek. Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t humanoid. Etna wasn’t scared, despite the shriek being quite blood-curdling, all she did was look in the direction it came from.

Deciding to go and have a look, she levitated her way over to a crumbled wall and hid herself behind it, just poking her head out a little bit so she could see all the action! That was when she saw it. That person, whoever she was, used a move that wasn’t too similar to the first stages of her Chaos Impact move! Etna was interested now. A devilish smirk appeared on her face, her tail swaying cheekily as well! A person that powerful was bound to have tonnes of goods! Plus, having an ally like that on your side was without down fall! She’ll make friends with this person and then stab them in the back and take all their possessions when she gets a chance! She gave a snicker before she heard the female notice her presence.

Doing the same as the woman, she levitated, sat and crossed her legs, her wings flapping as they kept her floating. She floated out of the shadows, clapping, her fangs showing in her smile ]

Wow, I’m impressed! Not only did you sense my presence, you managed to take out that monster thing so quickly! Say, I have an idea…

I haven’t met anybody in this hell hole, you’re the first one! Lucky you, huh? Anyway, I was wondering, why don’t we join forces~? Let’s find a way out of this dump, yeah?

Attention was certainly grabbed by the peculiar appearance of this young girl.

Momentarily, mind flicked to the thought that it simply might be another beast created from this vast city. Intelligence was there with how easily they spoke, watching as their wings flapped to keep them afloat on the same level was the woman donned in white. A tilt of her head, bland tufts obstructing her line of vision for a brief second as she examined this entity.

Features eased as her mischievous smile dissipated. Joining forces? 

Grip on her scythe loosening while the pink orb of energy faded with a faint popping noise. One might be lead to believe the extraterrestrial might accept the proposal, cunning smile returning as her torso leaned forward. Elbow placed upon her thigh as jaw rested within the cup of pale digits.

… did this creature think she was so easy to join with?

Whoever said I was looking for a way out, hm? 

Ankle flicked several times before she erected her frame so she may sit properly once more on the nothingness that lay below her. Magenta hues eased, chin tilting upward as she contemplated a reply — rejecting her would be the first on the agenda. So far the girl had shown her nothing of interest that would make her a useful ally, making her seem rather preposterous for what she had offered.

A chuckle as her index trailed down the shaft of her scythe. Isn’t it always the weaker ones who suggest to ‘join forces,’ as you’ve proposed? If you were strong enough, you would not need to ask for allies.

With that, I’ll be rejecting your offer… unless you wish to entertain me with trying to prove yourself? 

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A King is summoned [Intro - Open]


[For a brief moment, the girl’s presence faded from her original position and relocated itself somewhere else. Now this had definitely made Gilgamesh’s interest on the alabaster lady. Not only did it seem she had some sort of hidden power but her words were a bit intriguing. The only thing that still irked the proud King was the fact that she was actually talking to him from above. Even if he was already interested on finding out what she had in to say, her attitude was something that irritated him still.]

Hmph. A King should be able to parade through the streets as he pleases without concerning himself with being addressed by a flea bag without his consent.

[Even as he replied, he didn’t raise his head as he was not going to raise his head for anyone he hadn’t deemed as worthy of such an honor. Her last sentence instead, made the King smirk.]

I will only present myself this once since you seem oblivious to who you are addressing: I am the one who belongs in heavens. I belong above the gods themselves! Such a being cannot be lumped together with the rest. I am King of everything there is to see in earth, I own every treasure that this earth has to give, I am Gilgamesh! 

[As he said the last words, he completely opened the Gate of Babylon to show off most of his amassed treasury behind him. The few bystanders that were still near the area where these two were exchanging words felt awed by the display but it was most likely that the woman wouldn’t be nearly as impressed as the common rabble that surrounded them from afar.] 

Then what is the point of ruling over them if all they are are mere dogs? 

Head tilted in curious mannerism as lips pursed in wondrous thought. A shift of her hand placed pressure onto the roof of where she sat cozily. Attention remained on his words as her smile only increased, entertainment trickling from every breath this man donned in gold released with each word. None she had met before possessed a personality as this, whether it be extraterrestrial or of mortal existence.

Laughter pealed once more, the display of illumination dazzling indeed. Gilgamesh… you claim you are a King who belongs to the heavens, yet you settle to rule over fragile trinkets such as humans and rubble as if it is something to be proud of. Earth is nothing special… so why settle for a planet that has nothing but petty mortals who cannot even defend themselves?

Humans are made to die, not to be ruled. 

Frame slid from the building as she fell to the ground, landing easily enough as white tufts obstructed her magenta gaze momentarily. A few leisurely steps, chin tilting upward as her gaze drifted from the man bathed in golden light. Few of the bystanders shifted out of her way as she appeared as if she were taking and idle stroll to pass the time.

Heel pivoted as she returned facing his direction, hands crossing her chest. Unfortunately your treasury does not impress me other than it’s abundance; I have seen more grandeur items that have not originated from Earth. A pity, really.

… also, since you have given me your name, I will present to you mine: White Rock Shooter. 

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A King is summoned [Intro - Open]


[Gilgamesh’s foul mood could be perceived by anyone around him and even if he hadn’t finished his outlook on the place, he was ready to decide on his verdict about the place as unworthy when apparently someone had the guts to come close to the King. Her words sounded as if she was either mocking or taunting him, or at least it seemed that way to him. If it weren’t for the peculiar appearance of the girl, perhaps death sentence would’ve been the first thing he would’ve imparted upon the strange girl.]

Preposterous. Are my ears betraying me or is this woman implying that my position as King is mere decoration? 

[As if to back the weight of his words, the Gate of Babylon opened behind the King and some of the people that were already gazing at what was going on before them started fleeing from the place while other morbid gazes glued themselves to the light, almost like moths drawn to the fire that stood there unaware that they could be lit in flames at any instant. Many of his treasures started showing up from within the Gate as he now looked in the girl’s direction and as if to command the girl to not give a step closer towards Gilgamesh, one of the treasures came out from within the Gate as a warning shot aimed not at the girl but at the ground she was about to step on.]

Who ever said it was right for a cur to address me so casually?

[Gilgamesh could feel that this woman was no mere human so he intended on finding out what made her special but even if he were allowing her to live just to answer to his questions, he would not allow her to get away with disrespecting him by talking him as an equal. For all he knew, she was not fit to address him as such.]

A warning shot indeed, albeit unheeded by the woman herself.

Kin to her earlier arrival, the alien faded into nothing as her body transported itself instantly with leisure to evade his precious treasure piercing her stride. Circular optics eased as she appeared right before him for a matter of seconds, a faint chime of her voice in what seemed like a momentary chuckle before fading out as if it were naught but an illusion. Taunting wasn’t the right comparison; making it well known that she could hold her own was a better selection, in her mind.

Vocables hailed from a roof of one of the near buildings. Now whoever said I was a tyke? 

Leg crossed over the other as hands rested upon her knee, stare falling unto him from above as she sat without concern. A gentle flick of her ankle passed the time as she mused to herself, examining him once again as if she had struck the purest gold — quite literally, at that — in this dreary mining field. This game was turning out to be much more appealing than the one she had been pulled from previously.

You are asking for a few pups to attempt a nip or two with how openly you stand in these streets, however. Yet… you yourself, as you’ve beautifully presented, are not a mutt to be put down with the others when that time comes.

I’ll be surprised if you claim to be of the human race, King. 

Already he presented prowess that surpassed some of her best Apostles, a feat that only caused her intellect to set to work on what part he might play in this scheme she was pulling together.

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A King is summoned [Intro - Open]


[The thick darkness started to fade as Gilgamesh’s consciousness came. He could hear something calling out to him but this wasn’t like the Grail’s summons. He could have ignored the voice he heard but the the beckoning didn’t stop until he decided to answer it.

Just as he thought, he had been summoned to a new place but he couldn’t feel the presence of the Grail anywhere at all so what could this mean? As a matter of fact, he saw himself standing right in the middle of what seemed like a ruined down church that seemed very eerie.]

Who dares summon me to such a filthy place.

[And even though there was no answer, it was clear that there was someone or something moving in the shadows. Whatever was there didn’t seem to be willing to come out into the dim light of the place and somehow it seemed to completely disappear. Seeing there was nothing or no one who could answer him now, Gilgamesh felt irritated and decided to see what was going on for himself. He was about to go out the church but it seemed the huge doors were closed shut and even though he had just been summoned, he didn’t feel any patience right now so he shot one of his treasures against the door and blew it up to open his way out.

Once he was out, everything he could see was a chaotic scenery in front of him. Not only had he added to the place that seemed in ruins by destroying the entrance of the church but it seemed that the whole place was out of the world he knew. Creatures roamed the place and the buildings where either looking like they could crash down at any moment, or like they could come to live at any moment.

After the loud noise he made, every creature near the place started swarming in the church’s direction and Gilgamesh couldn’t help but sneer at the foolish beings that seemed to look him as a prey and as soon as they were 3 meters near him, one of his treasures had already pierced right through them and he started walking casually as if the trail of corpses he was leaving around him was nothing that concerned him.

He walked through the mist for hours until he could see what looked like human civilization being nearby and ignored the guards that came asking questions as he walked through the main street of the blue zone.

People started wondering how was it possible for anyone to come walking so calm from inside the mist but all he was doing was gazing at the place as if he was judging everything he saw in there but still it didn’t seem that anyone was willing to approach the man besides the guards that had given up on following him and returned to their posts.]

Hmph. Dirt and mongrels everywhere, is this supposed to be some sick joke from the Grail?

[For a moment he just stood there while still wearing his golden armor. He couldn’t see anything but lowlifes and he was wondering if this place was worthy of his presence at all.]

Navigating on foot alone never bothered the peculiar existence.

Thick fog, howsoever, forced her hand in a different perspective. Pristine heels clicked unto the ground with each leisurely step, only for the woman’s small frame to disappear into nothing more than an after image with each stride forward. Appearing several yards ahead of where it was she had last stepped, it was only a matter of time before the dense mist would wisp away in clairvoyance.

Appearing outside the fog bank was easier than expected. A few guards seemed quite baffled at the appearance of [yet another] stranger from the wall of brume.

… if they thought they would get answers from her, they were surely mistaken.

Gaze fell hollow, raising a hand effortlessly to motion them aside. Pitiful humans as these men did not hold her interest, yet she could at least let them live until she deemed how fun this new game of hers would be. Learning of her new surroundings would be the first on her agenda — slaughtering the masses of useless flesh would come in due time.

A path was soon formed for her to pass through moments after, carmine optics never falling back to look at the people who thought it wise to blockade her. Thankfully the few whom were there did not pursue while others who had trailed after another passed by her to return to their post once again.

… hmm, these humans look just as feeble as the one’s on Earth. 

Disappointed, hues of magenta scanned the area while trying to find something that might be worth the slightest attention in this vast wreckage. And, with a glimmer of gold shimmering from gloomy illumination in the distant, a pique of interest was ignited within the extraterrestrial.

White dissipated as her image faded, reappearing not too far from where she could get a better glance at this man donned in aurum.

Or perhaps there’s something that makes this game worthwhile… unless you’re supposed to be only for show in that armour of yours? I wouldn’t doubt that humans would use visual intimidation tactics thinking they’d actually work. 

A few steps closer, digits resting on her hip as she examined him from head to toe. Marvelous, really, to see such a unique appearance among this dreary landscape — it vaguely reminded her of SZZU. Whether he responded or not, it at least gave the woman some hope that decimating this entire place would give her some form of merriment.

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♕ supernal advent —

… toys which are already broken are not suitable to be played with.

Had it not been for the analytic gaze unto this dreary scenery, perchance she might have taken note of the skulking entites that made home in the darkness. Pale, with a glance emptier than a black hole… it was only a matter of time before it had launched from it’s standing point, soaring through the air at the petite woman whom had arrived in the carmine zone.

Mirth chimed crisply through the air despite the initiation of battle, magenta illumination spreading while mechanical wings were summoned to attach to her back. A flash of white and the woman was gone, merely a millisecond passing before her form reappeared behind the dull creature who had dare try and strike her.

Did you think that would work, you pathetic creature? 

A counterclockwise twist of her beloved scythe ensued, pink orbs forming as she levitated from the ground with ease; perfectly timed, at that, while three more of these disgusting forms soared beneath her frame as she hovered with little effort. Lips turned into a quaint smile, head tilting as if deciding how to shatter each of these fresh baubles that the world she was now in presented. Loud shrieks and attempts to cease her from the air ensued, only tugging at her peculiar smile with each failure.

Leg crossed over the other as if sitting upon an invisible throne, the faux angel passing judgement for their clueless assault. … then you were simply created to die. 

Energy soared as it collided with each creature in accuracy, expanding as blood erupted into the air with each body that exploded upon impact.

An orb, however, remained from the destruction of these creatures, ready to strike the next opponent. Gaze fell as eyes eased to a figure that stood just within the shadows. Scythe rested within digits, it’s shaft against her lap as chin declined to bask this new arrival in her curious examination. Before long, her mouth opened to allow her voice to fill the silence that had engulfed the air betwixt them.

Have you come to perish, too? 

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… robots.

What amusement would there be if I were to take interest in what’s already dead? 

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